Finding creative and innovative ways to provide hope and purpose for individuals with disabilities.

Senior Management Team

Director of Employment Services

Melita K. Winnick, MBA, Director of Employment Services, provides leadership to the Employment Development Center of TCH through Center Based Employment Programs, Group Supported Employment Contracts, and Community Based Career Programs.  Her background includes more than 20 years’ experience in corporate positons; including, Regional Vice President for VistaCare in Scottsdale, Regional Manager of American Express, and Human Resources Consultant for Banner hospitals.  Melita has served on the Society of Human Resources Management team since 2001.  She participates in community programs through business affiliations, joining TCH in April of 2015 with extensive healthcare related experience that she brings to the organization.  Her commitment in helping individuals with disabilities starts at home with family members and continues through her dedication to serving the members of The Centers for Habilitation.  She holds a Master in Business Administration degree and a Bachelor in Psychology degree.   She is a member of the Arizona Department of Education Employment First strategic initiative, and an active participant in the Arizona Association of Providers for People with Disabilities.